Light Management

Please find our light management software, services, IoT Node, wireless Activators and controls hardware below. This ensure the right light, at the right place, at the right time, under all conditions. Now and in the future.


Luxon Cloud allows you to pro-actively manage lighting maintenance and energy efficiency initiatives across multiple locations worldwide. You will be amazed by it’s design and find it intuitive and very effective to work with. The right action is just a few clicks away.

There is no clutter: Luxon Cloud shows exactly what’s relevant to you. You don’t need manuals to ‘understand it’ because we made it with you in mind. Where usefulness and design come together!

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  • Features

  • Manage and adjust your lighting online from anywhere, anytime
  • Maximize energy savings through motion, daylight and time control
  • Clear visual overview and floorplan of your lighting installation
  • Monitor the system status quickly and securely
  • Receive software updates periodically
  • Remote support by Nedap Luxon partners if needed

Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics

  • Useful energy performance data at your fingertips
  • Impressive reports on energy consumption and energy saving
  • Compare between sites worldwide
  • Long-term data storage

Maintenance Assist

Maintenance Assist

  • Receive email notifications in case of malfunctions
  • Plan maintenance work and get reminders
  • Clear reporting of overall lighting performance and defects, whether or not resolved
  • Get insight into the performance history (burn hours, temperatures, etc.) per luminaire

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

  • Smart scheduling of automatic emergency self-tests
  • Effective overview of required maintenance actions
  • Printable logbook of maintenance work performed
  • Random testing for 24/7 production sites
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Compliance with EN6203

Switch App

Switch App

  • Flexibility at your fingertips: quickly change the lighting without changing the standard “day to day” schedule
  • Manual override functionality


Making the step to LED lighting will save you serious amounts of money. Connecting them to a smart management system will multiply that effect. So while you are at it, make sure to get connected, because that is where the fun starts.


Connected Lighting Design Read more »

A Connected Lighting Design can be seen as the cornerstone of any successful Luxon project.

Commissioning Service Read more »

Choosing Luxon means joining the connected world of lights. In order to establish a safe and proper connected system, Nedap has a team of certified experts who are trained at providing customers with the most optimal configuration from the start.

Support and Optimization Read more »

Buildings and its use may change over time. Obviously you don’t want this to affect the performance of your light management platform. Therefore the Luxon Support & Optimizations service offers remote assistance when it comes to keeping performance outstanding.

3G Data Connection Read more »

To enjoy the features of a connected lighting platform like Luxon, establishing a solid internet connection is essential. This can be done via a local network or you can choose for the security of letting Nedap take care of providing you with a robust mobile network.

Academy Read more »

Nedap only associates with well-trained professionals to ensure the quality of our products and projects and therefore offers technical, commercial and commissioning trainings for those who like to work with Luxon.

IoT Node Read more »

Connectivity is the key to unlock and sustain the full potential of your LED lighting. This small IoT node connects your luminaires wirelessly to the Luxon light management software.

IoT Node Outdoor Read more »

Developed for smart and wireless outdoor lighting control.

wireless Build-in Activator Read more »

Add intelligent control to single light points by integrating this Activator inside a 1-10V or DALI luminaire.

wireless Build-on Activator Read more »

Connect the Luxon wireless Build-on Activator to a 1-10V or DALI luminaire or a junction box. The Activator can also be applied to control a group of luminaires.

Outdoor Activator Read more »

Connect the Luxon Outdoor Activator to 1-10V parking and area lighting to enable wireless control.

Light Controller View more »

The Luxon Light Controller (LLC) is the local web enabled control unit of the light management system.

Control Panel View more »

Wireless control panel, containing the Luxon Light Controller, in a waterproof box with configurable switches to control lamps in a Luxon wireless network.

wireless Control Unit View more »

wireless interface to the Luxon Light Controller for control panels and BMS systems

Industrial routers and cabinets View more »

To connect projects with Nedap Luxon

wireless Sensor Bridge View more »

The Luxon wireless Sensor Bridge connects motion sensors, daylight sensors, switches and dimmers to the Luxon wireless network.

Motion Sensor View more »

The Motion Sensor integrates motion detection into Luxon light management.

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