3G Data Connection

3G Data Connection

To enjoy the features of a connected lighting platform like Luxon, establishing a solid internet connection is essential. This can be done via a local network or you can choose for the security of letting Nedap take care of providing you with a robust mobile network.

Luxon cannot be connected without a solid internet connection. When you prefer to let Nedap take care of this, we offer a robust mobile data network by using the Luxon Industrial 3G UMTS router. This is a Plug & Play solution, which can be implemented without requiring any of your IT department’s resources. The Luxon data service makes use of SIM cards with a static IP address for optimal security and uses roaming to connect to providers with the best local coverage.


How does it work?

The customer purchases the Luxon Industrial Router, which will be activated during the onsite-part of commissioning. Next, Nedap takes care of managing the data connection and charges a fixed fee per node per year for this service. As part of this service, Nedap can perform support in case of connection issues (signal strength etc.).

Sim cards

It is also possible to use your own SIM cards with the Luxon Industrial 3G UMTS router. In some cases this may be more cost-effective. However, please note that in this case the you will be responsible for the data connection (monitoring, programming, signal quality and security) and Nedap is not able to assist in case of connection issues.

What to expect?

  • Unlimited data usage
  • Luxon monitors & maintains solid network performance
  • Use of sim cards with static IP addresses to establish secure connection
  • Support in case of connection issues

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