Luxon Academy

Luxon Academy

Part of Nedap’s strength in doing global lighting rollout projects, is our vast network of local Luxon partners. Nedap only associates with well-trained professionals to ensure the quality of our products and projects and therefore offers technical, commercial and commissioning trainings for those who like to work with Luxon.

Partners that have completed these courses will be capable of delivering high-quality lighting projects in which maximum energy savings and true customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Commercial training

During our commercial training courses partners will get acquainted with the added value of connected lighting and taught how to successfully sell Luxon in lighting projects. The main focus of this training will be on the benefits for end-customers and how toget these across. This includes for example making ROI calculations.


Technical training

Technical training courses are aimed at providing our partners with the necessary skills and know-how on how to set out the most efficient lighting controls strategy. This includes learning about Luxon hardware components, selecting the most fitting  technologies and advising different stakeholders involved in a lighting project.


Commissioning training

The Luxon commissioning training is designed specifically to equip partners with the skills to perform high-quality commissioning of a Luxon system. This means getting familiar with our 5-step commissioning process and learning how to setup the most cost-efficient lighting scenarios without compromising on the quality of the work environment.

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