Luxon Commissioning Service

Luxon Commissioning Service

Getting you up and running with Luxon Commissioning Service

Choosing Luxon means joining the connected world of lights. In order to establish a safe and proper connected system, Nedap has a team of certified experts who are trained at providing customers with the most optimal configuration from the start. During the 5-step commissioning they will bring Luxon to life on your site, so that the customer can start enjoying their brand new light management platform.


Up and running in 5 steps 

Step 1: solid preparation

For a smooth commissioning process, it is important that all the required hardware is installed correctly. Therefore Nedap has developed quick install guides and will contact your local installation partner to verify that all the components are in their right place. Also, for customers there is the pre-commissioning checklist, so they can easily check whether their site is ready to schedule the onsite commissioning.

Step 2: Components configuration

During the onsite commissioning, a certified commissioning agent will make sure that all components are configured, so they perfectly match the customer’s operational requirements, while at the same time providing energy savings and enabling insights.
This means mapping components onto the floorplan, configuring gateways and the user dashboard, calibrating sensors, entering fixture properties, and setting up the wireless network.

Step 3: Control strategies

Once both hardware & software is fully operational, it is time to program the intended control strategies according to the Connected Lighting Design. If no such plan is in place, some extra time will be scheduled for an interview with key personnel of the facility. During this step the commissioning agent will create groups of luminaires for different areas of the building and assign them with the desired behaviour.

Step 4: End-user training

When the whole system is set and done, the commissioning agent will guide the customer through the Luxon dashboard and train them on how to use the software. During this training a customer will for example learn how to...

  • Generate sophisticated performance reports
  • Create & adjust different light controls scenes
  • Apply overrides for special occasions
  • Benchmark performance of different locations or periods in time


Step 5: Deployment and hand-over

When the customer feels feel confident about using Luxon and is happy with the setup, it is time to get their local installation connected to the cloud. Via a deployment the commissioning agent will create a private and secure place on our cloud where the energy data will be stored. When the deployment is successful the site is truly connected and the commissioning agent will hand over the official commissioning certificate. Time for the customer to their enjoy their brand new lightmanagement platform.


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