Connected Lighting Design

Connected Lighting Design

A Connected Lighting Design can be seen as the cornerstone of any successful Luxon project. First of all, it is a valuable tool for decision makers that want to gain insight in the costs, benefits and savings, before deciding on whether to proceed with the project. Secondly, it is this solid crafted plan that guarantees a smooth implementation process and the delivery of expectations that Nedap is known for.

Goals of a Connected Lighting Design

  1. To support confident decision making by providing accurate predictions of the energy savings that can be expected from Luxon.
  2. To support the implementation process of Luxon by setting out in detail what hardware is required, where it should be placed and how the lights should behave in order to match operational requirements.


What is included?


  • Recommendations and analysis of the feasibility and potential impact of using various control strategies at the site in question.
  • Interviews with onsite personnel to map human interaction with the building and to determine desired lighting behavior.
  • Verification that the proposed lighting setup is in line with legal requirements, while balancing economic efficiencies with a comfortable and safe working environment.
  •  Detailed instructions for both ordering and installation of the required hardware components.


Optional features:

  • If desired, Nedap can support customers in the selection of suitable luminaires. Different types of luminaires can be compared and the results will be included in the Connected Lighting Design. 
  • We are aware that a light management platform accounts for only one part of a larger project, and that customers like to have an overall financial picture. If desired, Nedap can collect and aggregate data from various parties involved, and provide key financial metrics for decision making purposes.
  • If desired, Nedap experts can draw up an inventory of the feasibility and effects of connecting Luxon to related 3rd party systems (e.g. machine coupling or BM systems).


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