Luxon IoT Node Outdoor

Luxon IoT Node Outdoor

The compact Luxon IoT Outdoor Node fits inside all LED fixtures using a standardised Zhaga or NEMA connector. This makes it very simple to unlock the full savings potential of LED technology. 


Cost-effective solution to create internet connected and wirelessly controlled luminaires
- Philips SR, Osram Dexal, DALI and 0-10V ready
- Small dimensions
- Standard Zhaga or NEMA interface
- Luxon Cloud compatible
- Easy to install
- Integrated lux and temperature sensor
- Motion sensor input
- OTA programming

Nedap Luxon Cloud features:

- Time, daylight, motion and dim control
- Direct motion sensor control
- Flexible group assigning
- Multi-site management
- Management reports
- Calculated energy logging


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