Luxon Support and Optimization

Luxon Support and Optimization

Buildings and its use may change over time. Obviously you don’t want this to affect the performance of your light management platform. Therefore the Luxon Support & Optimizations service offers remote assistance when it comes to keeping performance outstanding.

To benefit from Luxon’s ability to adapt, the Luxon Support & Optimizations service offers remote assistance to fully unburden you when it comes to keeping Luxon’s performance on the same level or improving it.

With a subscription they receive contact details for direct support with an expert, who is specialized in resolving issues or helping you to adjust your Luxon setup. Here you can think about remotely changing scenes in an area or recalibrating a sensor. Additionally you will receive an annual advisory report, which outlines the current energy-, safety- and lifetime performance, as well as recommendations on how to optimize them. This allows you to grow savings by making your light management platform grow in efficiency and in line with your demands.

  • This service is a remote service only. 
  • Our experts are available during business hours (CET) by phone and email.


What kind of recommendations can be expected in a performance report?

  1. The detection time for one of the motion sensors is configured too short.
  2. One of the daylight sensors requires cleaning.
  3. Based on the manual overrides that have been used last period, you might as well create an extra scene for area X.
  4. There are multiple luminaires in area Y that are showing an error and require a check.
  5. The temperature in area Z has been higher than usual, which has a negative effect on the lifespan of the luminaires.
  6. One of the luminaires gets switched on and off too often, which has a negative effect on its lifespan.


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