Nedap launches Luxon Switch App
Luxon Switch

Nedap officially presents the Luxon Switch App. This mobile app allows users of Nedap’s online light management platform to quickly adjust lighting to their individual needs. With the Luxon Switch app, it is easy to differ from pre-configured lighting behavior.

Jeroen Smit, Product Manager at Nedap Light Controls: “The Luxon light management platform is developed to manage lighting of multi-site customers throughout the globe. The Luxon Switch App allows for quick adjustments within a group or zone of fixtures. This provides users the powerful flexibility to control their lighting as they please, for instance during overtime or when a higher light level is required.”  

Nedap | Luxon Switch


Luxon Switch App can be downloaded at the App Store or via Google Play.

Nedap Luxon Switch | App store

Nedap Luxon Switch | Google Play


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