NedTrain takes big step toward sustainable business practices with online light management
NedTrain takes big step towards sustainable business practices with online light management from Nedap

NedTrain, a subsidiary of NS Group (Dutch Railways), utilizes the Nedap IoT light management platform to exploit and maintain the full potential of its new LED lighting. For NedTrain this is a big step towards greater sustainability. Savings that NedTrain currently enjoys can also be guaranteed or even improved in the future.

The decision to replace the old lighting at the Haarlem facility with a more efficient and sustainable alternative stems from NedTrain's desire to increase the light levels in the workplace and reduce the power costs. “The starting point was a one-for-one replacement of the conventional luminaires with Disano Astro LED luminaires so it would be unnecessary to adapt the existing infrastructure. This alone saved NedTrain 50 percent. In addition, NedTrain wanted to go a step further by using a wireless light management system to avoid waste and ensure that lights are only on when and where needed. That was the moment that Nedap, as an expert in the field of light management, came into the picture,” says Arjon de Haan of De Groene Jongens energy & installation consultants.

LED lighting even more cost-effective

In addition to the fact that NedTrain now benefits from much-improved light quality, the consumption of the new LED installation is also greatly reduced through the use of Luxon dynamic light management from Nedap. Luxon allows the lighting system to respond fully automatically to the amount of available daylight and the presence of people in the workshop. As a result, lighting is only used when and where needed, allowing NedTrain to maintain maximum savings and eliminate waste.

Online access to lighting for future optimisation

By switching to the new lighting system NedTrain is taking a big step toward even more sustainable work practices. NedTrain already minimizes the consumption of power and water and production of waste where possible. Optimization of the lighting system, made possible through online access and insight into aspects such as the energy consumption and performance of luminaires, make it possible for NedTrain to reduce energy consumption even further in the future.

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NedTrain takes big step toward sustainable business practices with online light management

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