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In order to deliver projects globally, Nedap uses its proven roll-out methodology to show the added value of connected lighting at one location and multiply this effect to all your sites around the globe. This enables us to handle any scale or deadline.

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Nedap’s elegant way of showing customers what their world will look like after adopting Luxon.

Impact of full rollout

In depth analysis of 1 site

Explanation of unique rollout approach

Pre-rollout (Site 1)

The pre-rollout is a pilot location for you to experience the Luxon system

  • 1. Connected Lighting Design
  • 2. Order
  • 3. Installation
  • 4. Commissioning

1. Connected Lighting Design

Years of light management experience, bundled in 1 document
  • Feasibility & impact analysis of various control strategies.
  • Accurate predictions of the expected costs, savings & benefits.
  • Detailed instructions for both ordering & installation of hardware components.
  • Mapping of human-building interaction to determine desired light control scenes.
  • Verification that lighting setup is in line with legal requirements.
  • Performance comparison of luminaire types.
  • Feasibility check of 3rd party systems integration.
  • Aggregating inputs from relevant project partners.

Valuable decision making tool

Solid plan that ensures delivery of expectations

2. Order

When the Connected Lighting Design meets the set criteria, implementation of the project is initiated by filling out the Luxon Order Form

3. Installation

As soon as the hardware components are delivered on site, the installation partner can physically install them.
To assure a smooth installation:
  • Quick Install Guides
  • Connected Lighting Design
  • Remote assistance when needed

4. Commissioning

Up and running in just 5 steps
& handover5
Pre-rollout evaluation
Full rollout

Every site implementation follows the same steps as explained in the pre-rollout process above:

  • 1. Connected Lighting Design
  • 2. Order
  • 3. Installation
  • 4. Commissioning
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Recurring services

To enjoy the full functionality of the Luxon platform, manage all your sites worldwide and improve your system performance over time Nedap offers a broad range of recurring services.

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