Danbury Arena

The Danbury Arena is a 3,005 seat multi-purpose arena in Danbury, CT. It was built in 1999 and renovated and expanded in 2004. The arena has been the home of many UHL, EPH and FHL Hockey leagues. Now the Danbury Titans are based in this arena.

In addition to professional skating, it is also open for public skating, freestyle skating and events like Pro Wrestling and Bull-riding.


Danbury arena slashes lighting energy bill


The Danbury Arena needed to upgrade two rinks: the Patriot Rink and the Liberty Rink. The Patriot was equipped with 90 5-lamp T5 fluorescent fixtures, the Liberty with 56 4-lamp T5 fluorescent. In both rinks the lighting became inadequate and needed to be replaced.

The Patriot Rink is now supplied with 84 new Delviro LED Luminaires; 72 160W and 12 240W. The Liberty Rink is now supplied with 28 240W over the ice. All of the new LED luminaires are equipped with Nedap wireless lighting controls.

Kevin McCormack CAO, CADCR Vice President of Arena Operations of the Danbury Arena: “We are truly happy with our lighting system and our customers are as well. We have receive many comments about how bright the arena is and how fantastic the lights look.”

Besides improving lighting quality, wireless control was needed to only use light when needed. “We are incredibly happy with the lighting system, especially the controls. We are saving more energy than anticipated, due to the fact that the original projection was that we would operate the lights at 50-70% dimming on average. In fact, we are operating closer to 35-40% and often we are less than that. For the first time in 15 years, I cannot wait to see my electric bill! The control system is very easy to use. The ability to access the web interface on my iPhone is extremely important for a business that operates 18 hours per day 360 days per year.”

Danbury Arena

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