45% energy savings due to light management

45% energy savings due to use of light management

Easydis is the Casino Group's logistics subsidiary, dedicated to the storage of goods, the preparation of orders and to deliveries to the group's store brands in France.

Easydis provides daily distribution to the Casino Group's stores. Today, this comprises 110 hypermarkets, nearly 600 supermarkets and approximately 5000 convenience stores under the names of Petit Casino, Casino Shop, Casino Shopping, Vival and Spar.

Easydis: deliveries to nearly 7000 clients throughout all of France, Corsica and even overseas!


Easydis takes big step forward in managing lighting

The logistics site at Reventin Vaugris was equipped with conventional lighting. Not only was electricity use high, the lighting itself was insufficient for Easydis' operational activities and major maintenance. For this reason, LOGICOR (the owner) and EASYDIS (the operator) have collaborated in a project involving the replacement of the current lighting system by a more economical and sustainable system that answers more directly to the requirements.


Easydis saves both time and energy


The replacement of conventional lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures enables Easydis to achieve significant savings of approximately 65%. Thanks to the Luxon light management system, current use of electricity by the new LED lighting was reduced an additional 45%, resulting in total energy savings of 80%. Light management also guarantees the sustainability of the savings.
Easydis values Luxon for the simplicity of its widget-based interface, which enables easy and rapid changes to settings. This saves precious time.


Smart control strategies


Luxon allows Easydis to combine various strategies. The system responds completely and automatically to the natural light available at the locations. Well thought-through schedules guarantee that the fixtures are lighted only when truly necessary.

Thanks to this management system, Easydis takes a big step in its established strategy of sustainable development. On-line access also enables the consideration of other future optimisations, on-site or remotely, with just a couple mouse clicks. The resulting
lighting system is therefore more sustainable and scalable. 


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