Minimized energy costs, now and in the future

Flowserve manufactures and services fluid motion control solutions for the world’s toughest, most critical application. Flowserve employs over 18000 people over 245 locations in 55 countries worldwide.


“Flowserve strives to make their manufacturing sites and service facilities across the globe sustainable by emphasizing the safety of our people, reducing costs by conserving resources, minimizing potential environmental impacts, and supporting local communities.” Thomas Pajonas, Chief Operating Officer 2017, Flowserve.


Committed to remaining an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing practices


A future-proof connected lighting solution that continuously optimizes the energy consumption of the new lighting system.


Ettlingen, Germany


In close collaboration with Flowserve staff who installed the projects themselves. Luminaires were provided by GE Lighting.

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Little effort, big impact


Jochen Gerstner, project manager of the Flowserve energy team: “In 2014 we set the goal to reduce our overall energy consumption by 7% by the ending of 2015. So we started a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project, which enabled us to optimize all our company processes, including energy usage.

We decided to introduce an energy management system and new monitoring systems to continuously track the most energy consuming activities within Flowserve Ettlingen. That helped us identify a lot of influencing factors and many opportunities to minimize our energy consumption in the area of heating, air compression and lighting. We implemented an active heating and air compression system and started to optimize our lighting. This relatively little effort already resulted in big impact: by the end of 2015 we outreached our initial energy reduction goals by 16%. Most important: we managed to remain profitable in a challenging business environment and saved a six-figure amount from 2013 to 2016.”



High energy savings and improved lighting quality


Starting in 2016, Flowserve decided to further optimize the lighting systems. 527 LED luminaires were installed, replacing 1894 T8 and T6 halogen tubes. Daylight and motion control strategies were implemented to take advantage of natural light entering the building and to only use light when an area is occupied. The combination of these controls strategies results in a well-lit environment without wasting energy.

In order to establish maximum impact using LED lighting, Flowserve connected the new luminaires to the Luxon light management platform. This added up 29% additional savings, compared to a non-connected LED retrofit. “Overall we managed to save 842 MWh annually on just lighting while we improved the light levels from 290 to 400 lux”, Gerstner explains.

Connected lighting ensures that Flowserve will benefit of maximum flexibility. Lighting can be remotely adjusted to processes within the company. In addition it allows for minimized energy costs, now and in the future.




A well-ran lighting system requires a solid connected lighting design. Jochen Gerstner: “Nedap is a good and credible partner in developing a suitable light management application on our shopfloor. Nedap lives lights, they care about our concerns and stand for a long and resilient partnership.”


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