64% additional energy savings

NedTrain is specialized in maintenance of train cars and is a subsidiary of NS Group (Dutch Railway). NedTrain places great importance on sustainability. It is a driver behind NedTrain's efforts to extend the service life of trains and minimize energy and water consumption and waste production as appropriate. NedTrain strives to reuse over 80% of its commercial waste. The implementation of sustainable solutions and reuse of materials during train modernizations are also in line with the ‘green’ policy. This makes NedTrain a good partner for transportation operators, which set strict requirements for the sustainability of their trains.


NedTrain take big step towards sustainibility goals through the use of light management

The workshop at the NedTrain facility in Haarlem was fitted with conventional metal halide luminaires. Besides the excessive power consumption, the light output was too low. Due to insufficient light on the workplace floor, there was an elevated risk of unsafe situations and a detrimental effect on the quality of the products.

Simply by replacing the existing conventional luminaires with new Disano LED luminaires NedTrain cut energy consumption in half while increasing the light level. In addition, the installation costs are relatively low, because the luminaires are replaced one for one. The energy consumption of the new LED luminaires is reduced by 64% through the use of Luxon light management. The existing platform lighting is also equipped with intelligence, significantly boosting the efficiency of the entire lighting system.


Smart control strategies


NedTrain combines various control strategies with the help of Luxon dynamic light management from Nedap. Among other things, this means that the lighting system responds fully automatically to the amount of daylight present in the workshop. Moreover, the system detects the presence of people in this area. As a result, the lighting system is only activated in the areas where and at the times when it is required. Luxon is integrated into NedTrain's existing building management system (BMS).


A big step towards sustainable business practices

Through use of the new intelligent wireless lighting system NedTrain is taking a big step in the right direction, because NS is committed to sustainable business practices. With online access, optimizations can be made both locally and remotely with just a few mouse clicks. This results in an even more sustainable and future-proof lighting system.


Involved with this project:

Logo De groene jongens

Sustainability consulting and project management: De Groene Jongens energy & installation consultants

Logo Attiva Lichtprojecten

Lighting plan and supply of intelligent Disano luminaires: Attiva Lichtprojecten

Installation: Lomans Totaalinstallateur B.V.


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