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The right lighting levels, without the need to manually change settings, are a result of a well-founded connected lighting design. This results in a pleasant, worry-free working environment for your employees.
KLM UK Engineering: "It’s important that we have the right lighting levels to keep the engineers alert"

Mark Walker, IT Manager of KLM UK Engineering Limited, explains the benefits of a connected lighting system related to energy efficiency, health and safety regulations within the hangars.

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Re-inventing the role of lighting: supporting human productivity and well-being

Although sustainability and cost savings currently are and will remain the main reasons for companies to adopt connected lighting systems, we expect other compelling reasons to arise. New use-cases are expected to create a shift in focus from ‘cost down’…

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Wienerberger: light management contributes to both energy savings and safety

Ruud van Tour, Technical Manager Wienerberger in The Netherlands, explains how light management contributes production in harmony with the environment.

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Making the step to LED lighting has become a logical step towards more sustainable business practices as it usually cuts your energy usage in half. Connecting luminaires to a smart online management platform will multiply that effect, resulting in savings up to 85%.

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Controls strategies, daylight harvesting, IoT enabled... Just a few often used terms in the world of connected lighting. Nedap is here to make light management easy!

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