Wienerberger: light management contributes to both energy savings and safety

Wienerberger: light management contributes to both energy savings and safety

30-05-2018 | Author: Ilse Protsman | safety, connected lighting, energy efficiency

Wienerberger is one of the largest and most prominent manufacturers of ceramic construction materials in the world. The company has 16 production facilities in the Netherlands, employing approximately 750 people. As the Technical Manager for the Netherlands, Ruud van Tour, who has been working at Wienerberger since 2000, has a coordinating and advisory role in the execution of technical projects and replacement of production machines. He is also responsible for supervising a number of legally required inspections, amongst other things. Van Tour explains how Nedap's light management system, Luxon contributes to energy conservation and safety at different Wienerberger production facilities. 

The employee forms the focus

"It is part of the mission of Wienerberger to produce goods in a manner that is as efficient and sustainable as possible, whilst at the same time focussing on safety", explains Van Tour. "In order to achieve our objectives - including in the field of sustainability - we need qualified and motivated employees. Our policy is therefore specifically geared towards giving them the opportunity to undergo further training and to develop, so that they can contribute to our success." Great value is set by ownership within Wienerberger. We want people to feel genuinely responsible for the projects that they are involved in. Many of our employees also strive for continual improvement. Our commitment to operational excellence can also be clearly seen in the field of environmental awareness and sustainability."

Ruud van Tour, Technical Manager | Wienerberger, the Netherlands
Ruud van Tour - Wienerberger


Optimum lighting

Nedap has supplied its Luxon light management system for use in a number of Wienerberger production facilities in the Netherlands. This light management system is specially designed to combine sustainability initiatives with financial objectives. This system ensures that lighting is only used whenever and wherever it is necessary, in accordance with the user's needs.

In addition to generating substantial cost savings, the system also helps to enhance the quality of organisations’ core processes. Van Tour explains: “Of course switching to energy efficient lighting is only one part of our energy-saving projects, but it does make a remarkable difference. In addition, we are observing that using LED lighting – especially in combination with the Luxon light management system from Nedap – enhances both the safety and working convenience of the company's employees, thereby making an indirect contribution towards our corporate objectives. The route to and from the workplace and the production machines are therefore more clearly visible, for example."

He explained that in tile production facilities, the quality check on the tile surface is especially important. "It is best if this is carried out during daylight or in an environment similar to daylight. LED is an excellent substitute for natural light here. Nedap's Luxon system makes it possible to configure your lighting in such a way that you have exactly the right amount where and when you need it, day and night." 



“In my opinion, what sets Nedap apart from all of the other companies that are active in the market is the pleasant collaboration with the team, as well as the company’s extensive network.” Ruud is also highly enthusiastic about the way in which the specialists from Nedap proactively propose potential improvements, for example in the field of software. “Just one example in the case of our own production facilities is the ability to adjust the quantity of light in a specific room to take account of specific activities, such as the use of a machine. As soon as a machine of that type starts to be used, the quantity of light is increased. If the machine is not in use, the light will become dimmer, automatically. This actually makes an enormous difference, of course. Not only is Luxon impressive due to the potential savings that it offers, but what’s just as important is that it increases safety at our production sites.

Another great thing is that the technological solutions from Nedap ensure that in the future, it will be possible to control and extract data from all LED-devices within our premises at all times. An additional and valued feature is the Luxon dashboard, which enables you to view the current status of the lighting in all of the production facilities connected, on a single display. Nedap truly demonstrates what connected lighting actually means in reality.”

Wienerberger factory in Tegelen, The Netherlands
Daylight enters the production facility
Wienerberger fabriek in Tegelen
Daylight and artificial light work together to create a pleasant and safe working environment.

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